台湾私人导游包车自由行 Taiwan Private Tour Guide with Van

Date:  June 8, 2013

* UPDATE – 12 kids, 20 adults (total 32 pax) in 6 vans, 6 private tour guides.  We went for a trip that all our kids will remember.

* UPDATE Nov 20, 2013 * On Dec 7, I am going to organise another trip to Taiwan.  This time, I will travel with 5 other Jay Jay’s friends and families.  I is going to be a fun trip and again, Danny will helm my entire tour with 6x vans and tour guides.  It is going to be a cool trip.  


As requested, here is my view about vacation with children.


For our lovely private tour guide contact and the price of our trip, please scroll down to the bottom.


Common Problems and Why I Choose A Private Tour Guide & Rented a Van 


1.  Some kids wake up early, some kids wake up late.  Some kids take afternoon nap.  Some kids sleep early, some kids sleep late.  For Jay & Kay, they sleep very early, and they wake up early too.  For Kay Kay, sometimes, he will take afternoon nap.  So, if I would have taken a tour group, most of the time, I will have to wake my kids up early in the morning to check out from hotel.  And this will make the kid very moody for the whole day, and you won’t be enjoying the vacation.


  With a private van, and a private tour guide, the time is in your hand.  You designed your own tour.  You can change it anytime you want.  Because you are the boss.


IMG 2914

The seats are comfortable for 5 person (my family and my mom).


IMG 2915

Now you know what I mean.


IMG 2222

2.  Staying in Good Hotel is important.  It usually make you feel good if you can choose where to stay.  The tour group package is cheap, and therefore the hotel given sometimes can be bad.  So, I don’t like.  Most of the time, for a 7 days 6 night trip, you probably end up changing up to 6 hotels for 6 nights.  If you have a lousy hotel, your mood will go down too.


In this trip, we get to choose our own hotel.  In our trip this time, I choose 4 民宿 (Bed & breakfast hotel) to stay.


IMG 2484

欧风小镇 is a Bed & Breakfast hotel that overlook the mountains.


IMG 1424

We have breakfast in a very nice environment.  And the kids love the swing there.  We stayed here for the first 2 nights.


IMG 2290

These are the scenes you enjoyed so much every day when you wake up.



Lots of mountains.


IMG 2171



IMG 0047

We stay in a room that comes with mezzanine floor.


IMG 0048

The room upstairs got a very nice view of the mountain scenery.


IMG 0049

They really think that this is their home.


IMG 0054

The kids are enjoying themselves.


IMG 1451

The 2nd hotel we stay is at 石门水库观景套房 (for 2 nights).  We stayed in a room that comes with two floors where we can climb up and down the stairs.


IMG 2605

三芝熊 is the 3rd hotel. 


IMG 2728

This is the view you look outside.


IMG 2723

日光行馆.  We stayed in this hotel for the last night in Taiwan.  And the manager says, we shall have the hotel plus the restaurant by our own tonight as we took the entire of their hotel.  


IMG 2872

They have a big garden!


IMG 2893

Also a big Koi Fish pond.



You want to wake up and let your kids to play in the garden.



In general, we choose our own hotel to stay.  And how you choose it?  Buy books and read, and then choose.


IMG 0071

From these books, you can see very fabulous photos of each hotel.  Why stay in a normal 4 stars or 5 stars hotel that will disappoint you, where you can stay in the hotel build by the entrepreneur. 

IMG 0072

This is where I found info on the 3rd hotel.

IMG 0073

Once you like the hotel, you just discuss with your tour guide, and ask for their opinion.

IMG 0074

Here are some other good books you can refer too.

IMG 0075

Yes, I know sometime it can be pricy, and expensive.  But just think about it, you have travel so far away to this country.  So, why not spent a bit more to stay in good hotel and make your trip a memorable one?

In fact, some of these hotel are not expensive at all.  You just have to look for it.  These hotel can be very nice, cheap, and it is far away, and you will need a private tour guide to bring you around.

3.  Kids cannot control when to pee pee or poo poo.  So, if you follow a big group of visitors on a big bus, usually you will go into trouble, when your kid suddenly say, I want to poo poo.  

In our case, we just tell our driver who is also our private tour guide, and he will know where to stop for us to finish our business.

4.  There are many beautiful point of interest where tour bus cannot go.  In Taiwan, I found that there are many places where those big tour bus cannot enter.  So, usually the tour package will bring you to places where there are many visitors visit.  It will be very pack, and your kid may feel uneasy.  If you crash with other tour bus, the number of visitors will multiply too.  Just imagine, 6 tour bus go to a point of interest at the same time.  

My kids love to sit in the Bullet Train (高铁).  So, I designed the trip so that once we alight at Tao Yuan Air Port, we take a bus, and then, change to a bullet train to go Tai Chung.  And the private tour guide will pick us up at Tai Chung Train Station.

IMG 2206

We get to change itinerary on the fly.  We rented this boat by ourselves.  It is only TWD$300 per pax.  So the kids have the boat by ourselves.

 IMG 2238

They know exactly where to bring us.

IMG 2351

Of course, we still go to those common place.  We felt the earthquake here.


We go pluck peaches.


Enjoy music fountains.

IMG 2123

Visit the old train track.  This is Taiwan highest train track.

IMG 2182

This place the normal tour package will definitely not come.


Of course we still play at the children theme park.  We do not have to follow the tour guide timing.  As we have our own van and tour guide, we can decide how much time to spent in the park.  This is the 小叮当.

IMG 2294

We even got time to do toboggan in the Hokkaido Snow City.

IMG 2567



A close look at Pinang Lady.


At the water dam.


At the 小人国.




Kids having lots of fun, and parents also have fun!

IMG 2364



Taipei Zoo.  To see Panda.



IMG 2796

The golden water fall.


Touch the gold.

IMG 2777

Fly sky lantern.


Suspension bridge.




You design your own trip.  You change the trip on the fly.  And you end up telling the tour guide “I have enough walking!  Let’s rest on the last day.” HaHaHa

5.  I want to put my shopping bag down.  If you follow a big tour bus, you will not be able to buy a lot of things.  Especially when you buy a lot of things, you certainly want to place those item safely some where and then continue your shopping.

So, for us, we just put our luggage or the boxes or the shopping bags in the car and continue our shopping.  At the last day, just bring everything to the airport and repack. 

IMG 2918

That brown box below followed us and sit in the back of the van for almost 5 days.  We bought all the souvenir biscuit from Tai Chung.

IMG 2922

The handle.

IMG 2920

6.  Of course, when you follow a big tour group.  You eat what they bring you.  Most of the time, the food is “cheap” and not so nice.  But the tour guide will say it is nice.

For our private tour guide, he brought us to food that he thinks is nice, famous and he personally tried before.  He asked me a question, “which food I don’t like?”  My answer to him is I love all the food he brought us.

The natives food.


Natives Malu fruits.

IMG 2256

The tea eggs.


Jay ate 4 of them.

IMG 2266

I love this Guinness Stouts ice cream.

IMG 2282

The hotel usually provides free home made breakfast.

IMG 2343

The tasty Ah Tong Chicken.

IMG 2314

Ah Tong Chicken restaurant.

IMG 2328

We bought some tea leaf.

IMG 2430

We eat at this restaurant where all chair and plates  made of paper.


The spring chicken is nice.


Some western food at one of the Texas steak house.

IMG 2744

Breakfast time.

IMG 2481

Make your own Ke Jia Lei Cha.

IMG 2515

We ate a lot of 客家菜.

IMG 2528


IMG 2600

Beef noodle Soup.

IMG 2638

Nice food here too.

IMG 2672

Another beef noodle.

IMG 2705

Rice dumpling.


Not too bad.

IMG 2775


IMG 2813

Waiting for our pork knuckle.

IMG 2844

A nice breakfast.

IMG 2908

7.  Self Design vacation can’t bring you to many places.  I have been doing my own vacation plan for many years.  We went to Japan 6 times on our own.  But most of the time, you stay close to the JR station.  And we have to take expensive taxi to visit point of interest.  So, it is not so economical.  

So, this time, when we have this trip with private tour guides, and our own cars.  It surprise both my wife and me.  It is so comfortable, and we visit place at our own pace, and yet so much fun.  It is not so tiring, and we had a lot of fun time and good food.

Thanks to Mr. Danny and Mr. Tony.  Both are brothers.

IMG 0067

This is Mr. Danny.  He is our driver and tour guide.

IMG 2913

This is Tony.  He is Danny’s brother.

IMG 0068

Photo with Tony.  Jay’s friend Lukas and family followed him in his car.

IMG 2912

Danny helped us to book all the hotel.  And his fee is about TWD$6600 per day.  

The following price not include Plane ticket.  Which I pay about S$350 per pax using Scoot.

IMG 0069

This is the itinerary that we have discussed and finalised.  

IMG 0070

And I wired him some money before we confirmed the deal.

So, if you have some extra budget, do try out their services.  I must say, I had a very wonderful time in Taiwan.  And I am now planning my December trip to go Taiwan again.  This time I will go 台东, 花莲, etc etc.

Have fun!

 Danny and Tony blog is below.  They are fun.  And they talk throughout the whole journey.


IMG 2601

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  1. Your trip looked so much fun! May I know which part of Taiwan you went to the first time round with the guide? The June 2013 trip. I can't read Chinese so I don't understand the itinerary you posted. We are travelling to Taiwan in June and I have contacted Danny, but it seems that he doesn't do tours in English. Do you know of any English-speaking tour guide in Taiwan? Thanks!

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