Panda 熊猫 – 团团圆圆

Date: June 5, 2013

We stopped by Taipei Zoo. Surprise! We can see Pandas in the zoo.

WOW. I don’t think in Singapore, you can see 凯凯 & 佳佳 that close. I think Singapore Zoo must come and visit Taipei Zoo instead of installing CCTV to please the visitors. Most of Singapore Zoo visitors cannot see the Panda close.

团团圆圆 is much more friendly.

They even can perform standing and grab their carrot from the air.

Very nice close up.

And they live in this big air con room.

When we go there around 3pm. It is their feeding time.

Kay Kay (凯凯) is so happy to see the pandas.

Here is another shot of the panda standing up.

Jay loves it too.

Panda says: “You think just now is difficult?” “Let me show you want is difficult… standing on the log, and grab the carrot.”

See… piece of cake.

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