Renting a Boat at Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

Date: June 1, 2013

When you are in 南投, one of the favorite destination is the Sun Moon Lake.

The sky is so blue. And the water has different layer of colors.

The tour guide said that we need to hire a boat to tour Sun Moon Lake instead of driving 33KM around the lake.

We are at the nearby market.

This is the boat we taking. We have the whole boat by ourselves. There are 139 boats in the Sun Moon Lake.

Jay Jay is having lots of fun. He took the plane, reach Tai Chung by Bullet train. Now sitting on a boat. Air-Land-Sea.

It seems that taking that boat is not a bad idea. Lots of things too see.

Sun Moon Lake.

One of the must do at Sun Moon Lake. Is to visit the 唐三藏 temp and eat the Grandma Tea Leaf eggs.

They put in nice tea leaf, Ling-Zhi, and so on to cook the eggs.

And it is very nice.

This young man ate 4 eggs that day.

The view is really nice.

Having a tour guide is one of the best feature when you want to go to your own tailored vacation. We have two. One for each MPV van. And the tour guide keep talking, explaining and making jokes during the trip.

Jay & Lukas having lots of fun.

This is how the native catch fish. They lower the net, and shine the light into the sea. All the fish are attracted to the light, then, wallop…. quickly raise the net, and fish are netted.

The kids enjoyed watching the native shows.

The name of the natives. There are only 600+ left in this native clan.

And the dancers are quite old. But they are really good.

Kay Kay takes some time playing…

And we are having natives cooked food. This is delicious braised pork.

Mountain mushrooms.

The mushroom soups.

Home made tofu.

Tasty delicious Dragon Hair veggie.

I dont really like this binjal.

Wild Boar meat. Quite salty.

crispy fried fish.

Crispy shirmps.

Lots of food.

After the meal, we visited the market. And this is amazing Malu Fruit.

It looks like those tap pole egg. But this is not manufactured. It is natural.

This is the leaf.

And just put one tea spoon into the water. Wait for 1 minute, and then, stir. Add in honey and you can eat already.

Very nice drink.

On the Sun Moon Lake, there is a lot of such floating garden. This is for the fish to rest below the floats so that they don’t have lots of sun.

The temple.

This is a 6 star hotel. Why? That pole there, is made of 15KG of gold. Inside the hotel, even the toilet bowl is made of gold.

This is the famous having kids owl. So, depends how you shot, if you shot the back of it, you shall have a daughter next time. hahaha

We enjoyed our first day trip at Sun Moon Lake.

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