Cook with Ken: Sour Veggie Duck Soup 咸菜鸭汤

Date:  Mar 24, 2013

Today, when I do my marketing at Tiong Bahru, the auntie asked me if I want to buy a duck.  I said that I don’t know how to cook a duck.  So, she told me that another auntie can cook very good duck. So, she asked that auntie to teach me how to cook.

So, I bought the duck.  I asked her to keep the skin.  But she removed quite a lot of “fat”.

IMG 0079

You need the sour veggie.  Buy a whole bunch.  The kind auntie even bring me to the stall who sell the best sour veggie.  How to cook a nice Sour Veggie Duck Soup?  The secret is here.  You soak the sour veggies for about 2 hours and change the water every half an hour.  The more you soak the less salty it will become.  Last time, I didn’t know, I only soak for 30 minutes, etc.  So, soup does not taste so well.

IMG 0078

Cut the sour veggie into big pieces.

IMG 0083

Prepare a pot of water.  Place the duck meat in there.

IMG 0082

Next place the sour veggies in there.

IMG 0084

Cut some tomatoes (about 4 big one).

IMG 0085

Old ginger.  I cut a big piece and put it in.

IMG 0087

That’s it.  A pot of water, put in the duck meat, pre-soaked sour veggie, tomatoes, old ginger.  And use the iCook to cook about 1.5 hours with small fire.  And then, after finished cooking, just leave it there for another 1-2 hours.  And reheat it.  

IMG 0086

And I love it.  The sour veggie duck soup is not that salty but it is tasty.  And it is lovely.  My friends like it too (except one who likes it to be more salty).  So, today I learned how to cook the duck soup.  🙂

Another great gathering last night.  Beside the soup, we have bee hoon, curry, lala (but not fresh), bak-kien, lady fingers, steam fish, soya sauce pork, and so on.



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