CNY Decoration – 摇钱树

Date:  Jan 26, 2013

Chinese New Year is around the corner.  Kay Kay has to make a Chinese New Year decoration out from using recycling materials.  So, let’s do it together!

IMG 6508

We have a nice red box which we can re-use.  May be those chopsticks that we collected from morning breakfast can be used to build a frame.  Then, those Ang Pao packets can be re-used too.

IMG 6509

See, you cut cut and staple it, it become a small lantern.

IMG 6511

Then, you hang the lanterns on the tree.

IMG 6514

That become our lateen tree.  摇钱树 

IMG 6517

We even put a tweetie bird on it.

IMG 6519

And when you shake shake shake, suppose to have money to drop from the tree.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 6526

Decorate it more using old Ang Pao packets which goes nice with the red box.  That’s Kay Kay N2 first project of the year.

IMG 6529

I love these projects where you can be creative and do hard work.  haha a

IMG 5168

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