Cook with Ken: Burger 馒头

Date:  Jan 12, 2013

This morning, my wife prepare a breakfast that is very outstandingly delicious.  And I got to ask her how she made it.  It is a creation from a mix of correct ingredients which give the excellent taste.  In fact, I think can open a shop to sell it.  HaHaHaHa…. 

IMG 6037

Here is the recipe.

1.  Surprise!  Chinatown brand Oriental Steam Bread.  馒头.  This steam bread is a little sweetness in there.  So, she use the steamer to steam the bread so that the bread is warm and a bit sweet.

IMG 6040

This steam bun is surprisingly blend to eat it just by itself.  HaHaHa… but if you add in the burger later plus the veggies and the butter.  All the test is different.

IMG 6030

2.  FarmPrice Chicken burger.  This burger must use Air Fryer to fry. 

IMG 6039

After putting into the Air Fryer (yes, use hot air to fry it), the burger is crispy outside, meat is still wet inside.  So, remember, do not defrost it and straight away put it into the air fryer.  Again, the burger you eat by itself is just a normal burger.  You must combine with all the sauce below then, it becomes an interesting mix.

IMG 6031

3.  The baby butter head veggie or lettuce.   

IMG 6032

4.  The Hokkaido Snow Brand butter.  At home, for the kids, we used this brand of butter.  This is what I call magic butter, (beside the usual french butter I always used).  Magic butter, means it taste good yet healthy.

IMG 6033

5.  The mayo that I use is from KRAFT.  With Olive Oil.  And reduced fat! 

IMG 6034

6.  Cheese.  Of course you use reduce fat cheese too.

IMG 6035

OK.  So, if you take individual ingredients and put it into your mouth, the burger, the steam bread, even the cheese can be very plain.  And it is just normal and OK taste.  But if you put all together and make it into a burger….  By the way, you do not eat the whole steam bread.  One steam bread can cut into 4 slices and made into two set of burger.  See how the steam bread was cut?

IMG 6038

The burger become something new.  When you first bite the burger with steam bun, it is soft, then, follow by crispy veggie, then, crispy burger and then, the inner part of the burger is juicy, and then the soft cheese.  And the outer ingredient is sweet on the bread, fresh taste of veggies, and then, a bit salty cheese and salty burger.  The combination of these 口感 is very special.  I end up eat 3 of these non-stop.  HaHaHaHaHa

IMG 6037

OK.  Another good dish from my wife.  Bravo.  HaHaHaHa  

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