Cook With Ken – iCook 罗宋牛尾汤 Oxtail Veggies Soup

Date:  Nov 19, 2012

On Sunday, I use the iCook to cook 罗宋牛尾汤 (Oxtail Veggies Soup).

You know my cooking style, I like to prepare ingredients and then, I don’t like to wait.  So, the cooking method will be the same, dump everything and wait for it to slow boil it.  

A pot of water.  

Slowly put the ox tail in it, nicely.

IMG 2666

Then, I used Beef Shin Shank meat, for those who does not eat fat ox tail.  🙂

IMG 2667

This is Shin Shank Meat.

IMG 2668

It is the front leg part. (in red)


Next is carrots.

IMG 2669

Next potato.

IMG 2670

Then, white onions and red onions.  Ring cuts.

IMG 2671

Then, tomatoes.

IMG 2672

White cabbages.

IMG 2673

Add some leeks, and green onions.  That’s it.  Cover up, and then “small fire” and let it boil for 1.5 to 2 hours.

IMG 2674

This is the result of the soup cooked using iCook.

IMG 2679


1.  The soup is surprisingly CLEAR.  I expect the soup should be a thick soup, but it end up a clear soup.  So, iCook is best to cook clear soup.

2.  The meat is excellent.  Both ox tail and the shin shank is very tender, and very tasty and nice.  Especially the ox tail, it’s shape is still in tact.  

3.  Potato.  normally, the thick soup is caused by the potato being cooked until it dissolved into the soup.  That is why soup become starchy.  But using iCook, the potato still preserve its shape.  When you put into your mouth, the “heat” inside preserved.  So, it is very hot.  And one bite of it, the whole potato collapse.  粉碎.  This is interesting.

4.  The same goes to carrots and the onions.  

5.  The soup, the water level, surprisingly still remain the same.  So, it did not get vaporised and hence the soup not thicken.  So, next time, just remember to put a little less water.  By right, you put 5 bowl of water, you get 5 bowl of soup.

So, it is another kind of cooking, but it still works.  Now, I am getting the hang of it.

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