Cook With Ken – iCook part 3 盆菜

Date: Nov 18, 2012

Alice – my Sifu, again came with his brother Peter to my place again on Saturday. Together they brought along 2 new friends.

They wanted to make sure that I tasted the 盆菜. Cooked using iCook.

These are the ingredients prepared. All you need to do is to place the raw ingredients inside the pot or the wok.

Step 1. Put in the white radish.

Step 2. Place in the carrots.

Step 3. Place in the pumpkin.

Step 4. The Chinese ham. 火腿.

This is what the Chinese ham looks like. Bought it from Tiong Bahru market.

Step 5. Place in Dried scallop. Earlier on soak the dried scallop in warm water for about 30min.

Step 6. Here goes in the cabbage.

Step 7. Put in the tou kee? 腐竹皮. Or tofu skin?

Step 8. The leeks.

Step 9. Tou gua. The dried tofu?

Step 10. Stuck the tou pok. Dried tofu pok. At the side where ever you can stuck it in.

See the tou pok nicely places around.

Step 11. Now the dried fish maw. 鱼瓢?

Step 12. Sea cucumber.

Step 13. Just pour in the can chicken stock.

Step 14. The mushroom 金针菇.

Step 15. The mushroom. Really big mushroom.

Step 16. The roasted pork. 烧肉.

Step 17. Roasted duck.

Step 18. Century eggs.

Step 19. Braise abalone. Also pour in those tasty abalone sauce from the can.

Step 20. No need to cut the abalone.

Step 21. My wife says she still got a can of abalone. So that one is soaked in water, so, we don’t use that water.

Step 22. Adding the tiger prawns.

Step 23. Finally some wolf berries.

And we are done.

Lets cover it.

Make sure use very small fire and cook for 45 min to 60 min.

Wait! Forgot to put the abalone sauce.

And that’s it. Cover it and wait for 45min to 1 hour.

While waiting. Lets do a chocolate lava cake. 4 simple ingredients.

Mix butter and sugar.

Then add in eggs, and then the flour. And finally added in the chocolate chips to make the lava.

So they cook or bake the chocolate cake with these two pots.

This is the end result.

Want to see the lava? Check out the video!

Add a scope of vanila ice cream and it is a perfect desserts.


And both my kids love it!

Whole waiting for the 盆菜. Lets cook some dark soya sauce chicken.

Again, very tasty chicken.

Since Peter is here, lets open these two bottle.

We also have binjal too.

And the cheese, caviar and gooseberry.

And here it comes. It is so yummy.

Every one is happily eating it.

Third bottle is on its way.

And we kept eating it.

So, next time I no need to buy the 盆菜 from 满福苑. I will make my own. So instead of spending 350+ on it, u can channel the money to buy ingredients.


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