Matching T-Shirt 亲子装

Date:  Oct 28, 2012

When you have no kids, you tends to wear matching cloth with your wife.
When you got kids, you tends to wear matching T-Shirt with your kids.  We have Apple matching T-Shirt, Legoland, Angry Bird and now, Superman.
It’s not up to you to decide.  Your kids will decide what to wear for the parents.  This is the fun part as a parent, always participate in your child’s childhood, let his mind feel with warm memories.  
Today, I asked Jay to go change, and I myself go and took a shower.  Out from the shower, I wore a blue Superman shirt.  And what do you know…
Without coordinating, we both wore the same T-Shirt…
Jay said “Sorry Papa, I wear the same shirt again.”
Hahaha The Super Dad, and the Super Boy.

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