Canton Fair Oct’2012 广交会

Date:Oct 19, 2012

Last week I went to Guang Zhou to see see & look look the famous Canton Fair – 广交会.

IMG 1175

It was fun, and tiring.  Why?  I tell you later.

You need to have a entry pass in order to get into the exhibition.  In our case, we got ourselves a BUYER pass.

IMG 1170

In order to get this, you must bring your PASSPORT along.  If you failed to bring it, or you only have ID or NRIC card, they will not accept it.  They must see the PASSPORT.  No PASSPORT, no pass.

Also, once you obtain this pass, it is good for couple of years.  Just remember to bring your pass every year.

IMG 1163

And you also need photo.  So, simply sit there, pay RMB 30, you will get 4 pieces of photos. 

IMG 1162

souvenir from Canton Fair…

IMG 1169

Outside the exhibition hall, the promoters are line up on the street to greet you, to give you brochures, or plastic bags in exchange of your name card.

IMG 1153

The exhibition halls should be 5-6 times bigger than our EXPO.  Walking one long stretch could be 2-3 KM.  

IMG 1158

The very confusing walking map.  Don’t be full by the maps.  A trip from 1 to 11 can be 1-2KM.

IMG 1154

Never ending walk …

IMG 1171

That is why you need the buggy to ferry you from left to right.  That’s Larry.  🙂

IMG 1174

We finally arrived at the correct exhibition halls.

IMG 1179

This is where we started …

IMG 1183

Amazing cooling fan can be found every where.  The cooling effect is strong… 

IMG 1181

They called this thing as “eBoard”.  But interesting thing is, you found one here, later you will find 10 more of the same type same kind of product, but hardware software which is different down the exhibition… hahaha

IMG 1186

The one you saw from Hawaii-Five-O, here also have… Made in China…

IMG 1190

You have iRobot to vacuum house, now you got this to mow your lawn…

IMG 1192

The thin clients.  China can produce cheap PC, not sure why still need to do thin client.  Then, you realise it is producing and exhibiting to the foreign buyers.

IMG 1194

I think this has huge market in overseas.  A 3D look and feel with warm air blowing out from this virtual furnace.

IMG 1196

A retro AirFryer.  

IMG 1197

We walked for few hours by now.  And when you look down, there are so many more too see.  

IMG 1198

How about this?  A fridge that put your drinks inside… and the transparent glass is your display panel for you to display advertising.. Cool!

IMG 1199

How it works, man… Cool!  I like!

IMG 1200

MacDonald also big!

IMG 1206

Not cheap.  About SGD$9 for the meal.  But it comes with nuggets.

IMG 1207

The sauce you can find in China.  They don’t have curry sauce.

IMG 1208

I ate this.  With some veggie in in.

IMG 1211

Let’s walk to another hall.  On the way, the models are displaying solar panels.

IMG 1212

People mountain people sea.

IMG 1213

Poor soldier, have been standing there for ages.

IMG 1214

The magnetic zero gravity ….

IMG 1217

Spinning within the magnetic field… 

IMG 1218

Cool… floating…

IMG 1219

Wow… Automatic finger nail polisher…

IMG 1220

Many design to choose from…

IMG 1221

Many designs…

IMG 1222

That’s the machine… and guess how much?  RMB 2,100 (about SGD$400).  And imagine you open a finger nail pedicure shop.  And only do finger nail painting.  And you don’t need to hire so many staffs to run it.  Only few staffs to do the initial part, to apply finger nail polisher, to align the hands, and put the hands and fingers in, few minutes later, painting started… Cool…

IMG 1223

Looks like a vase, but it is a speaker… hahaha

IMG 1224

Nice design.  Zen.  Very Zen.  Not available yet.  Once it pair with you, you simply use it to listen to your phone call.

IMG 1225

This piece of bluetooth phone SIM Card thingy… what does it do again?  Imagine you are in Malaysia, and you bought a Maxis prepaid card.  So, you don’t need to bring a second phone.  This thing will pair to your iPhone (jail broken) or Android phone.  Then, walaaaa…. any incoming phone call, or you want to make outgoing phone call, you simply use your own smart phone to do it, via this box here.

IMG 1226

It is small, easy to carry… but the imperfection is it cannot do Data MyFi.  It would be nice if they can do that too.

IMG 1228

Nice bike.

IMG 1229

I bought this to play.  The quality of this piano is very nice.

IMG 1231

I found it!  I have been wanted to own one of this… and I finally found it cheap here.  RMB 500.  That’s cheap!  Later I will blog this.

IMG 1249

That concludes my first tour into the Canton Fair.

And out of 15 exhibitions area, out of 3 phases, we only manage to cover those we like to see, computing, electronics stuffs… but there are more.

China has to do things the huge way, and this is one of the way.  

If you want to have any idea what business to do, you can search ideas starting from here.  


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