Happy Teachers’ Day 花花世界

Date:  Aug 30, 2012

Sep 1 is Teachers’ Day.  Lorna Whiston Pre-School decided to celebrate the Teachers’s Day on August 31.  That is Tomorrow… 

The time is 8PM.  My mission is to get to Far East Flora @ Upper Thomson before 9PM.  And buy 4 types of flowers and 1 type of grass or leaves.

I made it in time before the flower shop close, and managed to get a few bunch of colourful flowers.

IMG 0764

At home, the young designer is immediately put into work.  Mr. Jay Jay.  

His mission is to design the the Teachers’ Day Flower Pot.  It will be a traditional present from my kids to the teachers in the pre-school.  

We have to prepare 12 of them.  

So, he started with the little white flowers (满天星斗).  

IMG 0766

Next, he put in the yellow flowers.

IMG 0767

He carefully distribute the flower so that it looks nice.

IMG 0768

Next, he placed a big Red Rose in the middle.

IMG 0770

Lastly, he carefully placed the greeting card on it.

IMG 0772

Remember? Ms. Joy has sticked this behind Jay Jay’s back a few days ago?  Jay felt very proud of himself because of that.  He also thank Ms. Joy for giving him that piece of encouragement paper.

IMG 0742

I asked Ms. Joy what he draws.

Screen Shot 2012 08 30 at 10 38 47 PM

So, in return, what do you think Ms. Joy will get as a reward???

Special treatment!

Special card with love stickers on it!

IMG 0774

It is very different from others.  

IMG 0776

Jay Jay: “Ms. Joy!  Happy Teachers’ Day!”

OK Son.  You cannot be like this?  You must treat all teachers the same, cannot give preference.  All teachers has given their best to teach you, so, you should make it equal to every one!  HaHaHaHa  He is just reaching 6 years old, I don’t think he will understand this yet!  hahahaha

IMG 0778

The time is 9:40PM.  It is time for the kids to go sleep.  It’s getting very late.

So, mommy will bring the kids to bed.

So, what shall I do?

Well you know, during Christmas Day, the elves (elf) will help Santa box the Christmas Presents.  And what do you know, the Elf has come out during Teachers’ Day eve and start working again. 

IMG 0785

The assembly line has started working.

IMG 0786

It is a 3D Printer.  The Mr. Ken Printer started to duplicate the first pot, designed by the one and only Jay Jay.

IMG 0787

And soon, many pots has been duplicated… by me.  Who says Guys cannot 插花????

IMG 0797

The kids finally slept.  All the pots has been duplicated.  So, mommy come out and adding the leaves onto the flower pot.  It makes it look even nicer.

IMG 0794

After adding the leaves, the Teachers’ Day flower pot looks lively!

IMG 0800


Thanks you all for taking good care of my sons.  And given them the best teaching and fun! 

IMG 0799

Extra Notes:

1.  Jay Jay also make the 13th pot for teacher Norman, his BrainFit class teacher.  

2.  Jay Jay wanted to do one for Mr. Leung, the Violin instructor and many more.

3.  Jay Jay also wanted to make one for Auntie Racquel.  She was a elementary school teacher.  So, Jay Jay said “Auntie, tomorrow you no need to wash dish and clean the floor.  Because is teachers’ day!  How thoughtful!



  1. You're right, he probably doesn't yet understand equality. And every year, he has a different favourite teacher with whom he declares, unabashedly, his love and hugs at any point of the day; on a daily basis. But I think it's good to form a healthy bond, this is perhaps, one of the motivators for him to do good in school.. I shall cherish the little stickers still.. 🙂

  2. @Joy

    I guess that is fine! Just don't want him to have such habit. Later in Primary school, there will be lots of different teachers and with different styles. 🙂

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