Spelling & 听写

Date:  Aug 1, 2012

You will need all kind of tools to start to prepare your kids for primary school.

K2 is the year where Lorna Whiston Pre-School introduced Spelling and Chinese Spelling (听写).  So, every week, there will be homework for Jay Jay to memorise. So the best moment to check their work is during the journey to school in the car.

Let me introduce you to the Boogie Board – the LCD Writing Tablet.

IMG 9532

This is a Boogie Board.  It comes with a cover, and a stencil and the LCD board.

The way how I train Jay Jay for Chinese Ting-Xie (听写) is Jay has to write not only the single word, but a whole series of how the word was written.  And he has to practise many times until he understand the order of the strokes are as equally important in learning Chinese.

IMG 9528

Use a Boogie Board, Jay can write and write on it, and then erase it and write again.

IMG 9529

There is a Erase button, that will instantly erase everything written on the board.  So, he can keep practise it, and then show it to me.

IMG 9530

Jay Jay loves his Boogie Board.  Now, I have to buy another one for Kay Kay.  And another set to place in Mommy’s car too.

IMG 9531


  1. @dentist la grange

    iPad can do the job. But this is just a simple writing pad that uses LCD screen. It does nothing else. If I gave iPad to my son while I am driving, I need to teach him or ask him to run a writing or drawing app. And it may distract him when he see a lot of games on it.. Hahha


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